Pawn Loans in Pueblo, CO

loansWhen one considers getting a loan from a pawn shop, many people will think of something disreputable and suspicious: crooked men at grimy little counters exploiting desperate people for every penny they’re worth. In truth, pawning is a pretty straightforward method of exchange that customers from all economic backgrounds can utilize for any number of reasons. Just as you could sell some unused furniture on Ebay or request credit from your local bank, a pawn loan is simply another alternative for people looking for a bit of money. And at City Loan / Miller Coin & Jewelry, we want to provide Pueblo pawners with only safe, mutually beneficial ways for them to get it.

Getting the Cash You Need When You Need It

Everyone has heard of pawn shops, of course, but many don’t know how exactly they work. The basic idea: we give you cash. Here’s how:

  • You bring us an item that you want to use as collateral for a loan. Common articles include jewelry, power tools, electronics (including video gaming systems, tablets, and laptops), and guns.
  • We loan you money based on the resale value of that collateral.
  • You’ll then have to repay the loan plus interest at a rate that both parties agree to. Once you have, you’ll get your collateral back!

Pretty simple, but you may still have some reservations. Understandable!

Reliability and Honesty

It’s true: some pawn shops will try to take advantage of you, giving you little in exchange for exorbitant interest rates. At City Loan / Miller Coin & Jewelry, we know that the competition for your patronage is high, and so we’ve made it our mission to provide you with the most cash at the most reasonable charges. Give us a call or stop by at either of our locations to learn more and hash out the details, no pressure or arm-twisting required. Reach us at our Pueblo location at (719) 543-9332 or our Cañon City storefront at (719) 269-9707.